Friday, April 2, 2010

Get Maximum safety, enjoyment and thrill in the deep sea with theAtreides Yacht

In order to enhance the swimming enjoyment and experience of the boarders, Vuk Dragovic has designed a new concept and named it Atreides Yacht. It is able to make a safe place from the various sea creatures. Besides, it has more features with various luxuries for the passengers to enjoy them with pleasure. The front panel of the Yacht looks like a racing car and the rear part of the concept has the fun spot for the passengers. Moreover, the concept has a small pool with a big available place for sunbathing.

Another rocking feature of the concept is its retractable pool followed by a beautiful set of stairs. The pool is able to create the boundary around the seawater to ensure the safety for the swimmers from the dangerous sea creatures and to offer the best enjoyment and experience of the deep sea without any issues.