Friday, April 23, 2010

Google Maps brings Kinetic Scrolling feature

We’ve already discussed about the enhanced suggestion feature of the Google Maps in our blog. Now, this is another update comes from Google Maps about the Kinetic Scrolling. It is a feature inspired by the Operating Systems designed for Touchscreens. All you have to do is, just click on the Map, quickly move the Mouse, and then release it. Now, you can notice the Map to move continuously. The Mobile Google Maps uses the buttons from the Desktop interface and both of the interfaces use the Kinetic Scroll. It is a popular term used to denote the scrolling of a long list with a bit of physics so that user feels like moving a wheel. This list is referred as a flick list.

The flick list is able to invade other mobile platforms quickly with Touchscreen as it just feels so natural and more useful than using the conventional approach of scroll bars.