Thursday, April 22, 2010

Google Maps enhances its Suggestion feature

You may know the Suggestion features of the Google Search Engines and Google Maps. Now, Google Maps has implemented its Suggestion features. Therefore, when you start typing a query, Google Maps will not only show the suggestions from your recent searches, but also it will display the Popular Locations, Searches and Local Business. For an example, if you type “Red”, the first suggestion will be “Redmond, WA, USA”.
This feature will be very useful when you’ve to type a complicated names like Eyjafjallaj√∂kull, as you remember only the first letters. At the same time, Google will not display a better result at ranking the list of suggestions.
Moreover, the Auto Complete feature of the Google Maps is the first implementation of Google Suggest that uses HTTPS.

However, Google Maps continues to display the personalized suggestions from Google Web History. It is a feature that has replaced Saved Locations. Now, you can enjoy and simplify your typing work with the Google Maps’ enhanced Suggest feature.