Friday, April 2, 2010

Hotmail brings the latest Spam Protection Technology and many features

Hotmail® has the latest spam protection technology
A New Busy life has little time for disruption. You want to go and get things done, and that means being prepared for anything. And in a world as limitless as the Internet, there’s bound to be a few unexpected and unsafe surprises. Luckily, Hotmail’s got your back, with Microsoft SmartScreen Technology and safety notices that are always on top of it.

1. Mark a message as Junk
If you receive spam in your inbox, you can mark it as junk by selecting it and then clicking Junk in the menu bar. This marks the sender as unsafe and moves the message to the Deleted folder.
2. Mark a message as Phishing Scam
If you receive a suspicious message that appears to be falsely mimicking a real company or that is requesting personal information, you can mark it as a phishing scam by selecting it and clicking Mark as in the menu bar, and then Phishing scam. This reports the sender and completely deletes the message.
Email and contacts on the go.

1. For most mobile phones
Type into your phone’s browser, and then log in using your Windows Live ID. You are now ready to send and receive messages from your phone.
2. For smart phones
See below for instructions for Windows Mobile, iPhone, Blackberry®, and Nokia mobile devices.
Windows Mobile:
1.    Look for the email or “Messaging” icon in your phone’s main menu. Select “Windows Live Hotmail” and enter your Windows Live ID.
2.    If you can’t locate the icon on your phone, visit the Windows Live for Mobile site for details.

If this is the first email account, you’ll be setting up on your phone:
1.    Locate the mail icon on your phone’s main screen.
2.    On the “Add Account” page, select “other,” and enter your Windows Live ID and password.
If you have already set up an email account on your phone:
1.    Locate the Setting icon on your phone’s main screen.
2.    Locate the Mail, Contacts, Calendars option.
3.    Under Accounts, choose “Add Account” and select “Other.”
4.    Enter your Windows Live ID and password.
Blackberry and Nokia :
For these two companies, there are a lot of models that support Windows Mobile. Therefore, you can visit their official site to know about the compatible Mobiles.
Prefer one stop inboxing
Hotmail® lets you manage multiple email accounts with one click
Click Add an email account
1. Enter your email account info
Type in the email address and password for the email account you want to add. Click Next when you’re finished.
2. Set folders and icons
Select the folder where you’d like your email from other accounts to appear, and choose a colored icon to flag mail from the other account. Click Save. Email messages from your other account will appear in the folder you chose.
Note: To preview your mail from other accounts on the homepage, select your Inbox folder.

Search the web from your inbox

1. Create a new message
Click New to create a new email message.
2. Select a Quick add category
From the Quick add pane on the right, select the kind of content you’d like to insert into your message.
3. Enter search terms
Type what you want to find in the Search box. You can use key words or specific names—like movie titles, restaurants, cities, and more—to find what you’re looking for.
4. Click insert
Browse the options in your search results, then click Insert to automatically add the information to your email message.

Birthdays in Windows Live Calendar
Manage multiple calendars

1. Birthday events
Windows Live Calendar will automatically generate a Birthday calendar, based on the contacts in your network and keep it up to date for you. The birthdays display on your Windows Live Calendar.
2. Birthday calendar settings
You can change the settings of the Birthday calendar by clicking on the Birthday calendar in the left margin. This will take you to the calendar settings page.
3. Receive daily calendar emails
You can get daily email updates for the Birthday calendar by clicking the reminder box on the calendar settings page.

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