Monday, April 26, 2010

How to add Bing search bar in your site

Do you have the Bing on your site? No? don’t worry, we’re here to assist you in adding the Bing search box on the site easily and quickly.
All you’ve to do is, just visit here for the three steps process to add an advanced search box that can be customized. Therefore, users will be able to search your site or search the Web from your site. If you’re ready to work directly with the code, please continue to read.
If you want to let your users search the Web from your Website, just add the following code to your Webpage.


Note: replace "CODE PAGE USED BY YOUR HTML PAGE" with the code page number of the language your website is written in. For example, if your website is written in a western European-based (also known as Latin 1) language, such as French, English, or German, replace this instruction with the number 1252:
For a list of code-page values for all languages, see the Code pages supported by Windows webpage.
If you want to let your visitors search your website, add the following code to your page(s):


Remember that you’re following the provided instructions as exactly from the first snipped to locate your Code. Moreover, it is required to substitute your Domain name where indicated. If you perform the steps successfully, you can enjoy the power of the Bing Search directly from your site within minutes. Therefore, make sure that you’re performing the steps correctly.

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