Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How to deauthorize iTunes to work with multiple Computers simultaneously

Are you using iTunes and you’ve two or more Computers at home? If so, you will be facing the issue about encountering the five Computer authorization limit imposed by the iTunes. If you encounter this problem, you don’t need to replace the Computer or format it. Just deauthorize the iTunes to resolve the issue. Therefore, if you reach the limit of the five Computers, the only available option is to deauthorize all five Computers on the iTunes account. We know it is a great annoyance, as it is required to add them back. However, the steps we’ve given here will remind to deauthorize iTunes before you reformat the Hard Drive or get a new Computer.

How to deauthorize iTunes
1.    First, open iTunes.
2.    Then, click Store and then select Deauthorize Computer.
3.    Now, you’ll be prompted that the deauthorization was successful.

4.    All it is one.
5.    Now, you can easily start enjoying the iTunes account on five fully functional Computers simultaneously.