Thursday, April 1, 2010

How to get an invitation for the Google Feedback Extension

Google is very keen on developing and introducing new features like extensions and plugins for its Chrome Browser and Chrome Operating System. In such a way, Google has developed another extension for its Chrome Browser. Now, Firefox and the Internet Explorer let you send the feedback about the Google Services. Unfortunately, the extension can only be used if you get an invitation from the Google. At the same time, the invitations are limited to the Gmail.
Moreover, this Google Feedback is able to let you highlight the parts of the page corresponding to the Feedback. Even more, you can hide the personal information, describe the issue and send your feedback.

This Google Feedback Extension will be very useful as you can send Google an annotated screenshot that illustrates the problem without any need of using the Image Editing Software. Therefore, most of your work becomes simpler about sending the feedback.

Click to get an invitation