Thursday, April 1, 2010

How to publish a share in the Active Directory and how to find the shared resources

Consider, if you’re going to create a Share for the general use and the general access, what will you do? No ideas? No problem. It is required to publish the Shared Resource in the Active Directory. Because, publishing the Active Directory makes finding the share easier for the users.
Now, you got an idea about publishing the shared resource in the Active Directory. Now, the matter is “How to publish”. We know it is the easiest process for you. For some of the novices, we’ve provided those simple steps to publish the Share in the Active Directory. All you have to do is, just right click on the Share in the Computer Management. Then, select the Properties. Now, you can get a window and in which you can get the Publish Tab.

Now, you’ve to select the Publish This Share In Active Directory check box. Moreover, you can add an optional description and the owner information. After performing all the above steps, just click on the OK. That’s it. Now, you’ve successfully publish the Share in the Active Directory.

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