Friday, April 9, 2010

How to send and receive a file in Orkut and iGoogle

If you’ve tried sending a file to a friend who’s online and failed, this is a good news for you. Now, sharing your Pictures, Documents and other files with your friends while chatting on Orkut and iGoogle has become simpler than the simplest. If you’re eager to experience this feature, it is not required to install anything in the Computer. Just, begin the chat with your friend and click on the “Send a file” option in the Action Menu as shown in the image below. Moreover, this file sharing feature is applicable Google Talk downloadable Software. Therefore, you can share your files directly from the Web with folks who’re using the Desktop Version.

The main thing you’ve to remember is this feature is available only in Orkut and iGoogle. However, Google is very keen and working on to bring it to Gmail. Stay tuned with us to check for the updates about this.