Thursday, April 1, 2010

How to track a user or a computer in Windows Server 2008

We know that you should be aware of tracking all the connections to shared resources on a Windows Server 2008 R2 System using the Computer Management. The Windows Server 2008 R2 is able to list the connection in the Sessions node, if a User or a Computer is connected to the Shared Resource.
All you have to do to view the connections of the Shared Resources is, just type “net session"  at the Command Prompt window or follow the following steps.
•    In the Computer Management, connect to the Computer with which you’ve create the Shared Resource.
•    Then, in the console tree, expand the System Tools and then expand the Shared Folders.
•    After that, select the sessions, now you can view the connections shared for the Users and the Computers.

From the column for the Sessions node, you can get the following important information the User and the Computer connections.
•    User: The names of the Users or the Computers connected to the Shared Resources. Here, the Computers’ names will be listed with the $ as suffix to differentiate them from the Users.
•    Computer: The name of the Computer that is in use.
•    Type: The type of the Network Connection that is in use.
•   # Open Files: The number of the files with which the user is actively working.
•    You can get more information by accessing the Open Files node.
•    Connected Time: You can get the time that has been elapsed since the connection was established.
•    Idle Time: It is the time that has been elapsed since the connection was last used.
•    Guest: This is about if the user is logged on as a guest.

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