Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How to update the DHCP Statistics automatically

From the DHCP Console, you can get the statistics concerning IPv4 and IPv6 address availability and usage. Usually by default, when you start the DHCP console or when you select the Server and then click on the Refresh button of the Toolbar, these statistics are updated. At the same time, you can automatically update these statistics by monitoring the DHCP routinely. If you get ready to do that, follow the following steps.

•    First, expand the node in the DHCP console of the Server with which you want to work.
•    Then, right click IPv4 or IPv6 as appropriate for the type of the Address you want to work with.
•    Now, click the Properties.
•    After that, in the General tab, you’ve to select the Automatically Update Statistics Every and enter an update interval in hours and minutes.
•    The update will be installed as per the interval time you set.
•    Then, click on the OK.
•    Finish, that’s what you’ve to do.