Thursday, April 8, 2010

The latest educational concept for your child - Kidget

Kidget is an educational gadget concept that has brought out from the words Kid and Gadget. It has been especially designed for the kids to learn various things at home on the go. This multipurpose gadget is a storybook that has a tremendous feature to let the kids read, draw and play music as per their mood. Moreover, this concept eliminates a conventional way of educating children. Therefore, they will be free of carrying heavy books, buying different items for various purposes. As Kidget features a convenient multi-tasking touhscreen facility, kids are given the freedom to enjoy anything they want.

If you ask about the safety of the Kidget, you will be answered that it has come out with a stylish protecting case and a belt attached with it. The manufacturer says that the kids under 14 years old are their target for the concept. The name of the designer of the concept is Lim Hojoon.