Thursday, April 1, 2010

The perfect concept for the Polar Researchers - the Expedition Truck

If you’re a researcher about the Polar, this Expedition Truck will be more useful for you. It is an innovative 4x4-size polar expedition truck concept that makes the researchers explore the challenging polar areas with the ultimate functionalities. The name of the designer of the concept is Maarten Timmer. The concept has a rare combination that is of short wheelbase with large off-road tires, along with the tire-pressure system. This combination makes the vehicle capable to overcome any kind of obstacles during the journey. The vehicle has a fully suspended cabin that is capable of three passengers. Moreover, the cabin has a rally like seating arrangements and makes the journey completely safe and comfortable. Besides, the truck features space on its back especially for the research tools and a compartment for the passengers to sleep and eat. The main thing to be noted about the concept is the PACCAR 12.9 liter MX373 engine of the concept that produces 510 bhp of power at 1900 rpm. It makes the vehicle capable to perform and bring the excellence in the extreme polar conditions.

The following are the specifications of the vehicle from the designer.
•  It has a Wheelbase; 4,40 m
• The overall length of the concept is 6,20 m
• The overall width of the concept is 2,20 m
• The Weight of the concept is 8.800 kg (incl. fuel)
• The Volume of the tank is 520 L, incl spare fuel
• Axles; Timony, with double wish-bones
• It has the suspension; VSE with DTS (dynamic truck suspension)
• It has an engine; PACCAR 12,9 liter MX375
• The power of the concept is 510 bhp @ 1,900 rpm
• The torque of the concept is 2,500 Nm @ 1,400 rpm