Thursday, April 22, 2010

Two simple ways to recover the Local User Account Password

If you want to preserve access to any encrypted Data and stored passwords that a user might have, you can try to recover a user password rather than changing or removing the password. You can get two ways from Windows 7 to recovery the user passwords.
Password Hint:
It is a hint that can be accessed on the Welcome screen of the Operating System. Usually, the screen will be displayed when the Computer is started and no one is logged on. If you feel that anyone has logged on to the Workstation, you can ask him or her to log off. Okay, if you want to recover the password, click on the user’s name to display the Password Prompt and then you can click on the blue enter button in order to display the password hint. Tthe password hint will help you in finding the forgotten password. If it doesn’t resolve the issue, you can go with other option that is Password reset disk.

Password Reset Disk:
It can be created for any of your local users with a password. Moreover, we’ve already discussed about creating the Password Reset Disk in our blog. The Password Reset Disk lets you change the password of the related user account without any need to know the forgotten password. Remember, anyone who accesses these discs can change your account passwords. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the Password Reset Disks in a secure place. If you’re going to create your own Password reset disks, be sure about the importance of the Disks.

The main thing you have to remember about this is Password for Domain users are managed differently. The Domain User Accounts Administrators can manage the passwords for Domain user accounts and can reset the forgotten Passwords using the Active Directory Users and Computers Console. Therefore, Local Machine Accounts Passwords for local machine accounts will be stored in a secured and encrypted file on a Password Reset Disk. The Password Reset Disk can be a Floppy Disk or a USB Flash Drive. Whatever it is, make sure that they are in a safe and secured place.