Thursday, April 29, 2010

Urban Mini Truck makes your futuristic commuting better

If you’re in a place that has more and hectic traffic and you don’t have any ideas to relocate, this concept will be the finest solution for you. This is a futuristic concept that will resolve all of your traffic problems. The name of the concept is Urban Mini Truck and designed by Liviu Buldur. It is a compact concept and going to be the most efficient commuting solution for the futuristic days. You can use this even on the more congested and busy urban streets. It is a four wheel steering truck that features four electric engines with rimless wheels. The concept is able to incorporate functional solar panel on the top.

Moreover, the Truck features inbuilt video cameras in order to bring clearer rear view with many other handy aspects. It uses a windshield to bring a unique appearance. However, all of this comes true by means of Liviu Buldur. Therefore, you have to thank the designer for giving such a good concept for you.