Friday, April 2, 2010

Windows Startup Selector lets you backup and restore the System Startupprograms

If you’re a Windows user, then there will be no chances for you to change the Startup programs other than manually editing them from the System Startup utility using the “msconfig” command or some powerful third party Software. At the same time, if you disable any of the startup programs from the System Startup utility, then it is required to enable them manually if you need them again. Therefore, it is an annoyance to handle them from the Start Up.
In this case, you can use the Startup Selector, which is a free program that runs with Windows and makes your work a little bit simpler. The tool is able to save the current startup items and load a previously backed up startup files. Therefore, you can use the tool for any of your personal scenarios on the Computer. Moreover, this tool is able to display the basic and easy way to handle the interface after installing the Startup. The only option you get when you run the tool is to backup the current profile and it will be available on later in the restoration Popdown menu.

Unfortunately, there is no option available to handle the different startup profiles right in the Startup Selector. Therefore, you need to change the Startup items manually. Just open the program again and save the profile and repeat the same process for all of the users.
Consider, if you want to restore the backed up profile on the next Start of the Computer, you’ve pick the file manually from the programs. Remember, it is not possible to run the program with the Command Link parameters and to schedule a specific file to run on the specific dates. This tool is compatible for both 32 Bit and 64 Bit Operating Systems.