Saturday, May 29, 2010

Facebook releases new videos about Privacy Settings

You may have noticed about the Facebook’s simplified privacy controls earlier this week. It is in response to your feedback. These new settings are continuing to roll-out and they will be live for everyone within a week or so.

Learn About the New Settings

In order to help you, Facebook has released these new features and you can learn more about controlling information on Facebook. Moreover, Facebook is launching a series of Video tutorials on its official Facebook page and other places on the site. The first video went live today and it provides you an overview of the work procedure of the Privacy Controls on Facebook. We’ve given the video here for you. If you want to stay updated on future Videos, be sure to like Facebook page and you’ll see new videos as they post them.

The main thing you’ve to remember is, the Privacy Settings themselves have not changed. However, Facebook encourages you to learn more about simplified controls and try them. Moreover, if you’ve any questions or other feedback on the new controls or generally about Privacy on Facebook, you can let them now here.