Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hercules XPS 2.0 35 portable speaker - powered by USB

As you know, in our blog, we have already discussed about so many models of the Speakers. In such a way, this is a new model Speaker. This time it comes from Hercules with the name XPS 2.035 Portable Speaker. It is powered by the USB Port of the Computer. The Speakers are able to produce the total power of 2.5/3 watts RMS. The size of the Speakers is 19cm x 6.2cm x 7.3cm. It is expected to be available next month onwards for $20. Each of your purchases contains two magnetically shielded satellite speakers, an audio cable, a USB Cable, a protective carrying case, a warranty certificate, and a User Manual.

Some important features of the USB-powered 2.0 speakers
• 2.0 speaker system, powered by a computer’s USB port: the mobile audio solution.
• Total power: 2.5/3 watts RMS.
• Headphone jack and microphone input on the front of the control speaker.
• Master volume control knob on the front of the control speaker.
• "Piano-like" finish on front of speakers.
• Product meets RoHS standards.

The Speakers are compatible with:
MP3 players
CD/ DVD players
Game consoles