Friday, May 28, 2010

How to change the internal Flash Player settings of Google chrome

We’ve already discussed about the internal Flash Plugin of the Google Chrome. Moreover, it is the first web browser to offer this feature. The internal Flash Plugin will be turned ON by default to let you access the Flash based web contents even if Adobe Flash is not installed in globally. These Adobe Flash Player controls are web based and able to control the Flash Plugin. You can use them to manage various Flash based parameters and Flash cookies. If you’re Chrome user, you might have noticed that the Adobe Flash Player controls are not opening properly and the control area remains white with no options to show the controls in the Web Browser. If you want to fix this,

•    Open the Chrome Options from Tools on the browser’s Toolbar.
•    Now, switch to the Under the Bonnet tab and click on the Content Settings button.
•    Once you finish this, click on the Adobe Flash Player storage settings link from the Cookies tab.
•    This will open the Adobe Website Storage Settings panel that works in the Chrome Browser.
•    This will open the Flash Player controls correctly.
•    Therefore, you can manage the Flash Player settings, as you like.
•    It is not required to follow the menu path to open it, as you can open the URL directly in Google Chrome.