Friday, May 28, 2010

How To Find Hidden Info in the Windows Media Player Controls

The Playback of the Windows Media Player controls and illustrates that universal advice for Windows enthusiasts: when in doubt, click and right-click. If you follow that advice, you’ll be amply rewarded. If you click on the icon at the lower left corner while playing a track, you can cycle through a tiny thumbnail of the Album cover art, an icon that indicates to let you know if that track is playing from a local file or streaming from a network server, and a mini frequency spectrum. Moreover, you can view the bit rate of the current track by hovering the Mouse pointer over the region. You can click on the time indicator to cycle through different views of elapsed and remaining time. At the same time, if you right click the Play/Pause button, you can get options to select slow, normal and fast playback modes.

There is an additional option available, a progress indicator to the right of the playback controls will let you know how many tracks remain to be ripped. This feature is applicable when you’re ripping a CD. If you want to directly jump to track list from the CD, you can just click the message.