Saturday, May 29, 2010

How to shutdown a Computer remotely using Windows 7

Have you ever tried shutting down the Computers remotely? You can do it on a different Computer remotely by entering a Username and a Password. If you’re going to do this, you should have a user with administrative privileges. This method works fine with the Windows XP Operating System. However, Windows 7 is able to remember the User and Password even after you reboot the Computer.
All you have to do is, press the Windows Logo and the R Keys together, then type \\nameserver, and press Enter Key. Now, Windows will ask you for the credentials. Here, remember to change the nameserver for the name of the PC you want to shut down. Then, click “Remember my credentials”, by this way, Windows 7 will save that user and password for the remote Computer. Now, your commands will be able to execute using that user.

Now, again press the Windows Logo and R Keys together, type shutdown –i and then press the Enter Key. Now, you can get the next window. Add the name of the Computer you want to shut down, specify the action and the reason. That’s it.

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