Saturday, May 1, 2010

The updated event feature of the Facebook

If you’re going to plan your weekend, this is more relevant for you as you can invite any of your Facebook friends to come along. This morning Facebook has made this unarranged get-together feature a little bit easier of a new version of Facebook Events that lets you create an event directly from the “Event” box on your Facebook home page in seconds with a quick step. Moreover, from this the “Event” box on your Facebook home page, you can start typing your event into the “what are you planning” field. It is located at the right hand column and it will open a form for you. If you want to create the events using the “Event” dashboard at the left hand menu, you can do it. The engineer of the Facebook Devin Naquin says that this option is more useful for “More formal” events.  You don’t think that doing a "Quick Add" and creating an actual event in Google Calendar are same.

If you are a user, you can choose between public and the private events. If you are an invitee, you can view private events in your news feed. Moreover, all of the invitees to such events will be able to post messages, photos, videos and links on the event’s wall, Naquin says, adding that events created prior to Saturday will retain all of their original settings.