Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A compact and efficient futuristic racecar concept for urban area- Audi

Victor Uribe is the designer of the Audi Compact car. He thought beyond something and tried to bring this new car concept. If everyone looks forward to buy the smallest car for efficient transportation in future days, it will be boring. However, Victor Uribe has designed something new with this Audi Car. Although it is a futuristic concept, it holds some more parenthesis than any other cars. The car is able to bring the aesthetics and functionality that can give the riders a feel of real racing cars.

Moreover, it is able to propel by hydrogen even in low speed and can provide a lot of fun between the curves. The other major unique feature of the car concept is its sliding roof. It has come out as a replacement for the conventional sliding doors. This sliding roof brings the easiest entry for the entrant.