Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cute, compact and stylish Modular Coatrack

Even if the technology reaches Sky, it is required to be the simplest. There is no use it the technology is new and it is complicated. Now, we’re going to discuss about a new technology improvement called Modular Coatrack that lets you spare a lot of space. It has been designed with a lot of potential and it uses a single element that is able to work as both a hook and a support. Besides, you can create many possibilities just by combining the same element. The possibilities are one sided or two sides coatrack, more or less density, more or less stability or even use it as a support, for tables and inclined or vertical surfaces. The designer Juozas Urbonavicius has cleverly designed the joining mechanism with the ability to use a cylinder and a wavy steel spring ring.

Therefore, you don’t need to use tools in order to assemble it. At the same time, the transport and assembly are fast and effortless as the elements used in this concept are very light. As it is too compact, you can use this just to hang clothes. Now, you can use your personal ideas to modify it in the way you need.