Thursday, June 17, 2010

Slide your kitchen up like your Mobile to get more space –ElectroluxAlinea

Patrick Short has brought a new Kitchen concept. He says that he is inspired by the Cell Phone’s sliding feature. Therefore, he has imagined that he could slide up his table or bed up to the wall or ceiling in order to get some extra usable floor space. That’s how he created its new concept called Electrolux Alinea. It is able to slide up to the ceiling to reveal extra usable interior space. It is a handy kitchen concept that lets you slide up the entire kitchen to the ceiling and brings out the hidden valuable space which is expecting to be the most commonly encountered constrain of living in 2050. This concept is made up of plastics and amorphous silicon. You can use the concept wherever you want by just adopting the environment and presenting surfaces and kitchen appliances according to the user’s needs.

At the same time, if you want to dock the Kitchen concept into a port of the advanced polymers made ceiling to recharge and refresh its water, you can do it. However, we should thank Patrick Short for bringing such an enhanced feature for our mobile life.