Thursday, June 3, 2010

When it is not required to Maximize Data Throughput for Network Applications

If you’ve Windows Server 2003 and running SQL Server 2008 on it, it is not recommended to use the Maximize Data Throughput for Network Applications settings, because this setting gives priority to the applications that perform buffered I/O by caching their I/O pages in file system cache. Moreover, using this option might limit the amount of memory available to SQL Server 2008.
If you want to view and change this setting, just follow the following steps.

1. First, access the Network Connections from the Control Panel.
2. Now, right-click on the Local Area Connection icon and then select the Properties option.
3. Then, select File And Printer Sharing For Microsoft Networks and choose Properties.
4. After that, on the Server Optimization tab, you’ve to choose an appropriate setting other than Maximize Data Throughput For Network Applications.
5. Once you finish all of the above steps, restart the server to apply the setting change.
6. That’s it. All it is done.