Sunday, July 11, 2010

A revolutionary collapsible Bicycle

We have been discussing about a lot of futuristic concepts and gadgets in our blog. In such a way, this is yet another newly designed gadget starts to rock. Remember, it is not just a concept, but it is a bendable bicycle that you can literally wrap around a lamppost or a pole. The name of the designer of the bicycle is Kevin Scott. He has used a ratchet system built into the frame of the bike to make it possible to wrap the bike around the pole. The bike is able to bend to lock onto it. At the same time, you don’t need to use a chain, a regular bike lock that will be able to secure the frames and both wheels. If you read this concept, you will conclude that this is to secure all bike’s components with the lock, but it is also to store the bike in small spaces.

Kevin said: “This has validated how I feel about the product. It’s a justification of the uniqueness of the design and the possibilities for taking it further. I intend to use the prize money to outsource production of some of the key components to allow for full testing.
“I am now going to take this forward to produce a fully resolved solution and hopefully this will be a stepping stone into a career in the bike designing industry.”