Saturday, July 17, 2010

Chemical Equation Expert lets you create chemical equation

We have seen much useful Software in our life. In such a way, this is useful Software if you’re weak in Chemistry. The name of the Software is Chemical Equation Expert. It is highly intelligent Software and especially has been designed to make the chemical equation calculations easier.
Therefore, if you’re a Chemistry professional or student, this tool will be very useful for and it can be used for chemical equation calculations and chemical equations balancing. Moreover, it is in-built with a smart balancer chemical equation expert balancing for rapidly balances equations with complete accuracy. At the same time, it is enhanced with a tool to build a personal equation database and a search engine that lets you look for a equation with certain reactants or substances.

This Software is useful and lets you enhance the Search Engine by feeding its library with new equations. At the same time, it is able to calculate the mass of the compounds of a selected equation, using Stoico-metric coefficients, reaction consumption to calculate the amounts/masses of compounds.