Sunday, July 25, 2010

Creative Rock Speaker rocks

As a part of expanding the limit of the Sound System, creative has released its Wireless Rock Speaker. It is as tough a nails or a rock. It is sure that you’ll be attracted by its elegant look. You can use it on your desk. Moreover, it has been named appropriately, as it is made out of granite rock. At the same time, the Speaker is capable of withstanding on moderate weather conditions. Therefore, you can use it safely in rock’s natural habitat. Besides, the Speaker features a removable Lithium-ion Battery. In order to transmit the sound, the Speakers use 2.5Ghz Wireless Technology.

The weight of the Speakers is 6.3Kg. There are two tweeters and outputs at 20W per channel. The suggested price of the Speaker is $199.99. Unfortunately, the Bluetooth feature is not available with this Speaker. However, it will be very useful and assure the entertainment for you.