Saturday, July 31, 2010

Feel the distinct sound from Snowflake Speaker and dock your iPhonewith it

The Snowflake Speaker is something different that you really need. It is designed by Sylvain Gerber. This Snowflake has never been seen in the sky, but you can dock your iPhone to enjoy the distinct and loud music to the speakers. The Speakers symbolize the purity of crystal to make the quality of the speaker’s sound can easily be realized by experiencing the accuracy of its performance. At the same time, the creative construction gives the Speakers to stand as unique and attractive than any other. Moreover, the interior artistic of the Speakers can bring an elegant appearance.

The Speaker is almost stripped bare and incorporates guide lights that changes color with different types of sounds. In order to bring an enhanced look for the Speakers the electronic circuits have been kept hidden on the back of the Speaker’s base.