Friday, July 23, 2010

Feel the wonderful Bing Search experience in Windows Phone 7

If you have the Windows Phone 7 device, you can feel the wonderful experience of the Bing Search. It has amazing background images, fun trivia associated with the images and a powerful search/decision engine. Moreover, Bing and the Bing Maps are built into the Phone as the default search and maps services. They’re more nice, contextual and very location oriented features that bring you an easy search. At the same time, the Bing UI has been neatly brought in line with Microsoft’s Metro design language and there are numerous neat animation touches. Zooming out, for instance, eventually flips the map from normal to satellite view, while there’s similarly clever use of zooming to show your own location in relation to search results or destinations.
The below are some of the images of Bing on the Windows Phone 7 to give you the feel.

This is the fidelity to the Bing homepage.

With some common tasks like weather, Windows Phone 7 provides a visually compelling view on weather data from Bing. Notice the beautiful Swiss-inspired typography.

The Windows Phone team included access to some very useful task completion features like flight status answers.

Mapping is well integrated, including elegant navigation for driving or walking.

Windows Phone 7 has a smart experience for finding local listings like restaurants and attractions.

In addition, the team did a beautiful job bringing reviews into the business details.