Monday, July 26, 2010

Google unveils the new OneBox result for definitions

Now, yet another new feature starts rocking from Google. It is OneBox result for definitions. The OneBox feature uses the data from Google Dictionary, able to show pronunciation information, short definitions and links to other reference sites like and Moreover, Google shows definition of an English word only if it is likely to be useful. Therefore, you can view the OneBox when you search for obscure words or technical terms.
"We added implicit triggering, which means you can simply search for [flummox] and find the definition, you don't have to search for [define flummox] or [what is flummox]. We've also improved the definition result snippet to show more details such as parts of speech and pronunciation," explains Google.

Some sources say, Google’s new OneBox is redundant and inconsistent. Therefore, if you type “Salient” in Google’s Search Box, Google Suggest will already display a definition of the word from Princeton’s WordNet. At the same time, if you type “Define salient”, Google will show a definition from WordNet and not from Google Dictionary.