Monday, July 26, 2010

SecurityGateway for Exchange and SMTP Servers

The SecurityGateway for Exchange/SMTP is a simple, intuitive, task oriented interface that lets overworked administrators to perform common action with minimal effort. The administrative responsibilities will be provided to a domain administrator. Moreover, the End users are empowered for determining the fate of a message without the need to contact the Administrators.
As it has multiple analysis tools for separating threats from legitimate E-mail, SecurityGateway for Exchange/SMTP leverages the best proven anti-spam, anti-virus, anti-phishing, and anti-spoofing technologies to produce a 99% spam blocking rate and achieve nearly zero false-positive results.

Moreover, you will be able to filter inbound and outbound mail traffic. However, the easy-to-use interface allows policies to be created which detect and prevent the unauthorized transmission of sensitive information outside the network.
It is a powerful filtering engine and works based upon the industry standard SIEVE mail filtering language. Therefore, administrators may extend its functionality by using their own SIEVE scripts.