Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Space Invader Couch assures a comfortable seating with unique appearance

Igor Chak is the designer of this Space Invader Couch. It is able to provide you the comfortable seating with unique appearance. This chair has been incorporated with no seat belts. However, there are no chances to get panicked at all as it will not take you to the outer space with blackout velocity. If you look at the appearance of the Space Invader Couch, you can get an impression that it has been especially designed to be added to the spaceship. At the same time, the designer himself also likes to introduce the couch as a Space Invader that has been turned into a couch later on.

This Space Invader Couch is made up of all leather and lined with soft and comfortable foam to offer a great place to sit, sleep and enjoy some pleasurable and memorable moments by doing various activities with style and great fun. Therefore, you can never feel about these things at all.