Friday, July 23, 2010

Use portable Snail to cook even in rainy season

If you can cook your food on a rainy day while you’re outside, how happy will you be? Most of us know that we can’t cook during the rainy season. Now, the issue has been overtaken by the Snail. It is a smart and portable device has been especially designed for easy and comfortable cooking on a rainy day. The designer of the Snail is Peter Alwin. The name of this gadget is inspired by the familiar aspect of a common Snail that would stick naturally to anything. Therefore, the device has been designed to stick to metal utensils. The bottom silicon base of the gadget has magnets. The Snail has an idiosyncratic shape, small in size and lightweight.

As this is portable cooking device and it works on magnetic induction process, you can take it anywhere you want. In addition, the device sticks directly onto any cooking pots to heat their contents.