Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How to use the Diagnose and Repair tool to troubleshoot WLAN

If the WLAN or Wi-Fi is troubling you, you can use the Diagnose and Repair tool in order to diagnose the issues. Now, let’s discuss about diagnosing the WLAN or Wi-Fi issues.
1.    Open the Control Panel by clicking on the Start Button.
2.    In the Control Panel Windows, you’ve to select Network and Internet.
3.    Now, in the Network and Internet Window, it is required to click Network and Sharing Center.

4.    Then, click on Troubleshoot Problems under the Change your Networking Settings in the Network and Sharing Center window.
5.    Now, click on the Next Button in the Network Adapter Window.

6.    After that, it is required to select Wireless Network Connection in the Select the Network Adapter to diagnose window.
7.    Now, click the Next Button.
8.    If the troubleshooter identifies a problem, it is required to follow the onscreen instructions to fix the issue.

9.    In the images given here, you can view the information about troubleshooting and the physical Wireless Switch that is turned OFF.
10.    Once you finish the troubleshooting steps, click on the Close button.
11.    Now, the issue is resolved.