Thursday, September 2, 2010

How to configure and print Multipage Booklets in Word

If you’re manually printing a multi-page document from a Booklet form, you most probably know the difficulties. It is required to calculate the page sizes, margins and the worst of all you’ve to re-order the pages to come out in the proper order when the sheets are folded and collated. Now, this is fixed as Word can do all these stuffs for you.
If you’re going to setup a document to print as a booklet, follow the following steps.
•    Click on Margins and then on Custom Margins on the Page Layout tab.
•    Now, select Book Fold on the Margins tab of the Page Layout dialog box next to the Multiple Pages option.

•    Then, it is required to enter the dimensions for page margins under the Margins option. Remember that the page size is now one-half of the paper size. (For example, if you’re using letter size paper, the new effective page size is 5½ inches by 8½ inches.)
•    At the same time, if you want to allow additional space along the fold to accommodate a binding, you can increase the Gutter value.
•    Now, next to Sheets Per Booklet (under pages), select the number of pages you want in each booklet.
•    If the document you select has more pages than the number you enter, the document will be printed as multiple separate booklets.
•    Once you’re done, select File and then Print.
•    Now, click the second button under Settings and then select either Print On Both Sides or manually Print On Both Sides.
•    The main thing you’ve to remember is it is recommended to follow the steps before you enter and format the document content.