Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How to configure the default Paste Options in Word 2010

Usually in MS Word, you can handle the Paste command in a variety of ways like Formatting, Merge Formatting, Paste Text only. You can get these options from a dropdown menu that appears after you paste something into the document. If you’re a regular user of MS Office, most probably you’ve chosen the most convenient paste option for you. If you’re a favorite of any options and you want to do it more accurately, then it is required to change the default settings. Therefore, you don’t have to keep selecting the correct option.
Now, let’s discuss about changing the Paste settings in Word.
•    Open the Home tab from the Ribbon.

•    Now, click the arrow below the Paste button and select Set Default Paste.
•    If you do this, you can have the Advanced section of the Word Options dialog windows opened.

•    If you scroll down now, you can view the Cut, Copy and the Paste settings.
•    Here, it is required to specify a number of settings for how the Paste command should work in different scenarios just like copying and pasting within a single document as opposed to between two documents.