Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How to use the Pivot Table In MS Excel 2010 to work as MS Excel 2003

If you’re familiar with the earlier versions of MS Excel, you know the possibilities of moving the fields around by just dragging them right on the table. In the MS Excel 2010, you can work with the PivotTable Field List window at least by default. If you still work with the older version, more direct way of working:
•    It is required to right click on any cell in your PivotTable and select PivotTable Options.
•    Now, in the PivotTable Options dialog box, it is required to click on the Display tab.

•    After that, select the Classic PivotTable Layout (Enables Dragging Of Fields In The Grid) check box.
Moreover, this option can change the appearance of your table from the compact, outline-style presentation of MS Excel 2010 to more space-consuming, tabular style found in the earlier versions of MS Excel.

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