Monday, October 4, 2010

Pac Man Alarm Clock - Wakka Wakka

This is a new type Alarm that gets ready to fascinate your mind. The name of the clock is Pac Man Alarm Clock. It is officially licensed and able to even emit a few seconds of spine-tingling wakka-wakka-ing. This kitsch tribute to a 80s icon diddly-woos you out of boboland via the evocative start-up tune from Pac Man. You’ll be transported back to the arcade the second you hear it. You might even start checking your ‘jama pockets for ten pees.
This is a Battery operated and comes with the features like Snooze, Alarm OFF and Backlight buttons. This clock requires 2x AAA Batteries.

Some important features of the Clock.
•    It is a 24 hour digital clock
•    It has a Snooze function.
•    Alarm clock
•    Wake up to authentic sounds of Pac Man
•    Backlight

The suggested price of the Pac Man Alarm Clock is £14.99