Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Extension: Google Chrome Keep My Opt Outs

Google has developed a personal extension called Keep My Opt-Outs for Chrome. It is used to disable online ad personalization via cookies. This service is able to opt-out of advertisement by companies that have adopted the industry privacy standards for online advertising. Therefore, you can still see personalized advertisement on the web. You can run a test on the organization’s website to see which companies are currently customizing ads for the browser. If you delete the cookies regularly, it will reduce the likelihood of personalized ads. This Chrome extension basically opts out of all personalized ads of participating companies that may affect the advertisement that is displayed on websites. This extension will be constantly updated for instance with opt out code for companies that recently adopted the industry privacy standards.

You will be tracked per browsing session if you delete the cookies regularly. The manual option to opt out is used to delete the opt out cookies which are not deleted. Moreover, the Chrome extension is able to block personalized ads during sessions as well. The main thing you’ve note about this is the extension works only with the Google Chrome browser. This extension will not work with any other web browsers.

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