Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fix: Hibernation option is missing in the start button

By default, the hibernation option will be available as an option in the start menu power arrow button. Sometimes, the Windows 7 Operating Systems don’t have the hibernation option in the start menu by the power button options. The issue may occur due to the third party hardware or software installation procedure as it has issues or conflicts when the hibernation option is used. However, troubleshooting the issue is one of the simplest processes. Now, let’s try troubleshooting the issue.

  • As usual click on the start button, select All Programs, select Accessories and right click on Command Prompt to select the “Run as administrator”. You may also type Command in the search box of the start menu and follow the steps.

  • If the computer prompts for password or a User Account Control (UAC), it is required to enter the appropriate password and click Continue.

  • Now, in the command prompt window, it is required to type powercfg –H and then press the enter key.

  • Now, you can close the run command window as the issue is resolved.