Thursday, January 20, 2011

Google: Google Maps Navigation Controls replaces classic tabs

Google has tested more than three months for releasing the new Google Maps navigation controls for replacing the classic tabs. Usually, you can have the small preview of the satellite image with a link to the traffic layer. Now, there will be more options available if you hover the cursor on “Satellite” or “traffic”.
When you hover the mouse, Google will list the layers that are available including a list of previous searches and driving directions.

When the Google Maps application is launched, it has only one layer. Since then, Google has added more than ten different ways to explore the world around you including photos, transit and traffic information, as well as satellite and terrain views.

Moreover, Google has updated the design to see and switch between the various viewing applications easily. Until now, if you wish to switch to the satellite mode, you’ve to click the “Satellite” button. Now, Google will show you a lot more options when you hover the mouse button.

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