Wednesday, January 19, 2011

News: Android version distribution

If you develop a product and wish to use liberal licensing terms, there is always a kind of risk that someone else can use your code to create a poor product. Moreover, there are possibilities of including unnecessary features as it will slow down and never let you use the latest version of your software. Here, the concept of Android is to be a common baseline that enables innovation in the mobile space. At the same time, convincing other companies to use Android is not such an easy task and it is one of the biggest accomplishments of Google. Although most of the people didn’t believe in Android three years ago, the adoption rate is still surprising.

Google has recently revealed some information about the current distribution of the Android versions and the good news is that 87.4% of the Android phones use Android 2.x, up from about 55% in July. 51.8% of the phones use Froyo, a version released 7 months ago. Moreover, in a single month (August 2010), Froyo’s share grew from 5.5% to more than 28%, after Motorola and HTC updated phones like Droid and Desire. Besides, ZDNet says that "almost 13% of Android users are still running versions of the mobile OS that are several generations old and these users will never see Android 2.1".

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