Sunday, January 16, 2011

Recovery: Installing any application in the HP computers usingtherecovery partition

Nowadays, most of the branded computers are shipped with the recovery partition. The recovery partition contains all the pre-installed software, drivers, applications and the operating system. Therefore, we can use the recovery partition to re-install any applications, drivers or even the operating system. If you’ve to re-install the operating system, all the software will be re-installed along with the OS. Moreover, if you wish to install any specific application, you can do it using the recovery partitions of the computer. Installing any specific application is called the application recovery. In addition, you can use the recovery partition to create the recovery kit of the computer. The recovery kit works similar to the recovery partition of the computer. In some computers, the recovery partition is called resource partition, recovery area etc. Now, let’s discuss about installing any particular application using the application recovery process. This procedure is for the HP computers.

•    Click on the start button, type recovery in the search box and select the “Recovery Manager” option.
•    Now, you can view three different tabs with various options.
•    In the first tab, you will have the following options as shown in the image.
A)    Software program re-installation.
B)    Hardware driver re-installation.
C)    Microsoft System Restore.
D)    System Recovery.

•    Now, if you wish to re-install any of the software, it is required to select the first option.
•    If you wish to re-install any driver in the computer, it is required to select the second option.

•    The third option is used for performing the system restore in the computer. It will restore the computer to an earlier date setting on which the computer was working fine.
•    In this article, we have provided the information about re-installing a software in the computer.
•    Therefore, it is required to select the first option and click on the next button.

•    Then, you’ve select the software that you wish to re-install in the computer and click the next button.
•    Now, the installation process will begin and it may take a few minutes.

•    Once the installation process is successfully finished, the computer will prompt you to restart it.
•    Therefore, select the “Yes” option and click on the finish button.
•    This will restart the computer.