Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Shortcut keys for Facebook

Nowadays, each and everyone uses the shortcut keys for simplifying the work. The keyboard shortcuts are the strokes that are pre-assigned to trigger the pre-defined actions like opening and closing a file like pressing Ctrl + N and Alt + F4. Moreover, the shortcut keys are widely used by the gamers to increase or decrease the gaming reaction speed. Now, this is applicable even for the biggest Social Bookmark giant Facebook. Have you ever has such an idea to use the shortcut keys in Facebook? We have provided the list of shortcuts that can be used in Facebook for simplifying the work. The shortcut keys are applicable for the Internet Explorer and the Google Chrome browsers. If you’re a firefox user, it is required to hold the Shift key together with the below provided key combination. Now, try it out.

•    Alt+1: Return to Home
•    Alt+2: To view the Wall tab
•    Alt+3: To pull down the Friends Requests list
•    Alt+4: To retrieve the Messages list
•    Alt+5: To call out the Notification list
•    Alt+6: Account setting page
•    Alt+7: Account privacy configuration.
•    Alt+8: Facebook fans group page
•    Alt+9: Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities
•    Alt+0: Facebook Help Center
•    Alt+m: Create new message
•    Alt+?: Cursor in the Search Box
All the shortcut keys provided above should be used without the “+” sign. We have mentioned the “+” sign only to combine two keys. Therefore, don’t use them with the shortcut keys.

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