Thursday, January 20, 2011

Software: DNS Performance Test makes your work simpler

The name of the free tool that we are going to discuss is DNS Performance Test. It is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. This is able to query a random set of 10,000 URLs to determine a DNS server’s mean query time. The list is generated randomly on the start-up and the only available option is for the user to start the performance test. The DNS test may take time to complete which should be clear as each connection can take anywhere between 10 and a few thousand milliseconds. The statistics will be displayed on the stats tab. Moreover, they can be accessed even while the performance test is still running. It will show you the best, worst and the average query time.

Besides, it is able to display you the number of successful queries, timeouts and to give an assessment of the overall DNS server performance. If the performance of the computer DNS server is bad, it is required to try another DNS server provider to check if the situation changes. Therefore, the DNS performance test needs to be run again before the results can be compared.

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