Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Software: Freebie notes overtakes Windows 7 sticky notes

By default, the latest operating system Windows 7 has the sticky notes feature. However, you’ll be still restricted for some of the features. If you come out of this trouble, you can go with the Freebie Notes application. It is a handy and useful program that features more useful procedure in creating sticky notes of custom sizes and colors. Using this application, you can organize and manage your notes. Moreover, you can remind yourself efficiently with this useful program. This sticky e-notes is able to notify with alarm reminders. These electronic notes listed on your monitor are editable and customizable with colors, alarms and reminders. You can view and display the notes as soon as you create or scheduled them.

It has come out with the features such as unlimited sticky notes, options to edit notes in the advanced mode and create notes with customized size and colors. Besides, you will be able to display the sticky notes with date and time of the reminder. The parameters of this application can be customized with multiple languages support. In addition, the tool is able to notify notes with the Windows self-alarms or sound in the WAV format.

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