Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Software: NBL Business Suite for your business needs

If you’rerunning a small scale industry and looking for a software to manage and monitor your purchasing processes, sales, billing, stocks, expenses and contacts, you can go with the NBL Business Suite. It is one of the simplified Windows database-driven software that matches your needs. This software is available free and restricted only for the stand-alone PC, single organization, single currency and the database backup.The work to create the quotation, purchase order, material inward, material outward, ship to stock, bill payment for the purchases, customer order, delivery order, invoice,ship from stock, collection while invoicing, sales receipt creation, stock value and stock monitor will be much easier than ever.

Moreover, you can use the same tool to the financial purpose like transaction, remittance, receipt, payment voucher, cheque and cheque printer purpose.

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