Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tips: How to change forgotten password without using passwordresetdisk, password hint and reinstalling operating system

In this article, we are going to discuss about changing the forgotten password of a Windows 7 computer. Usually, if you forget the password of the computer, it is required to re-install the operating system. Otherwise, you can use the password hint or the password reset disk. If you don’t have any of them and you still want to change the password of the computer without re-installing the operating system or performing a recovery, go through this article completely. We hope this will help you. Actually, the same situation happened to us. Unfortunately, we have forgotten the password of this computer as we were keep changing it. We’ve googled and binged, but of no use. We have spent almost three days to find a solution out in spite of the finger print scanner. As usual, we have tried changing the password from the control panel. However, the computer prompted us to enter the old password to create a new one and didn’t accept the finger print as shown on the below image.

Then, we got fed up of this. After a long time, we came to know the use of the finger print again. It has successfully let us create a new password for Windows login without using the password reset disk, password hint or performing the recovery. Now, let’s discuss about changing the password of the computer.

•    First, it is required to click on the start button, type netplwiz.exe in the search box and then press enter key.
•    You may also type this command in the run command window and click OK. You can get the run command windows by pressing the Windows logo and the R keys together. Check the below image.

•    Now, click on the OK button to get the image as shown below. As highlighted on the below image, it is required to press the Ctrl + Alt + Del keys together.

•    Now, you will be able to view five options as shown on the image. We have clicked these two images by a mobile and transferred to the computer.
•    Now, it is required to click on the “Change password” option.

•    If you click on this option, you can view the user names.
•    Therefore, you can select the user name for which you wish to change the password.
•    Now, you can swipe your finger on the finger print scanner. The password will be automatically detected.
•    Then, you can enter the new password and confirm the same.

•    After that, click on the arrow button as shown on the image.
•    Now, the computer password has been successfully reset.

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